Survival Korean Bundle (Hangeul + Survival + Traveler's Korean)

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Learn the most essential Korean for travelers and new expats who are about to start living in Korean through the 3 books in this bundle! 

  • Hangeul Master

  • Survival Korean

  • Korean Phrasebook For Travelers

You can also save on shipping fees by getting this bundle instead of buying the 3 books separately.

Hangeul Master will help you learn how to read and write in the Korean writing system within just a couple of hours! You can even learn how to recognize handwritten messages in Korean. 

Survival Korean is for people who want to live in Korea and make the most of their stay! It introduces detailed and specific phrase you can use in various situations!


Korean Phrasebook For Travelers is a compact book that contains valuable information that can help travelers enjoy their trip more without knowing any Korean at all! 

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