Street Korean Episode 2 - Sinchon (신촌 (1/2)) - Words You See on the Streets


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About Street Korean 

Street Korean is an audio program designed to help you understand some words and expressions that you can find written here and there as you walk around in Korea. Throughout this series, you can learn about very interesting and important words that you might not be able to learn elsewhere. This is an accompanying e-book to be used together with the audio program and the video.

How to Study with Street Korean

Each audio program and e-book of Street Korean will have an accompanying video that is available to view on YouTube. We advise that you first watch the video, and then start studying with the audio program, which will explain the words that appeared briefly in the video in more detail. 

Video (12 mins) & Audio (40 mins) 

You can watch the accompanying video here: 
You can find the audio program in the audio file downloaded with the e-book. 

Audio Track Sample

Accompanying Video on YouTube

In this episode of Street Korean, Jina Kim and Terris Brown went to 신촌 (Sinchon), an area where there are many universities and a lot of young people hang out. First watch the video if you haven't, before you download the audio program and study the words in more detail with teachers Kyung-hwa and Hyunwoo

E-book Sample

This e-book is available in both the PDF format and the e-Pub format, so that you can study with any device you like to use. Happy learning! 

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