Reading In Korean: a "Story Time" collection (Volume 1)


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Are you looking for good Korean reading materials for learners? Reading In Korean: a "Story Time" collection contains 30 short stories to read in Korean. The stories are all based on the popular video series "TTMIK Story Time".

Inside the e-book, you will find the transcript of 30 videos where TTMIK teachers talk about their various experiences. In each unit, you will also find the link to a YouTube video where you can listen to the story being told in natural speed.  

Every sentence in all of the 30 stories are translated into English, and each story is followed by 3 comprehension quiz questions that will help you review what you've read.

If you want to study with reading materials with natural everyday Korean, and especially if you have enjoyed watching our Story Time videos, this will be a great study material for you! The e-books are in both the PDF format and the e-Pub format. 

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