Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns (E-book)


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Conversations are basically continuations of questions and answers. Sometimes you ask questions, and other times you answer questions.

In this e-book "Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns", we introduce common sentence patterns used in interview questions as well as day-to-day conversations. 

There are 50 questions, divided into 10 different categories, and each question is followed by 3 more similar questions, and each sample answer is also followed by 3 more possible answer types. (150 main questions and 150 answers in total!) 

And about each of the 50 questions, there is a sample answer by Talk To Me In Korean teachers and a short sample dialogue, also followed by study notes. 

This will be a great learning material for anyone who is preparing for any kind of interviews in Korean, Korean speaking test, or real-life conversations at work or during travel. 

The E-book has 112 pages, and the audio tracks are 200 minutes long.

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