Intermediate Korean Lessons (Season 1) - Transcripts and Lesson Notes


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Our "Intermediate Korean Lessons" introduces useful Korean idioms that are used in everyday conversations among native speakers. In our video series, teacher 경은 and teacher 경화 introduce these phrases and explain how they are used while speaking only in Korean

The e-book has 82 pages and contains the full transcripts and translations of 10 videos in the first season of "Intermediate Korean Lesson" published on Talk To Me In Korean.  

Table Of Contents

  1. 발 디딜 틈이 없다

  2. 뒷북치다

  3. 오리발 내밀다

  4. 해가 서쪽에서 뜨다

  5. 잠수를 타다

  6. 입만 아프다

  7. 비행기 태우다

  8. 귀가 얇다

  9. 발이 넓다

  10. 깨가 쏟아지다 

Through these lessons and this e-book, you are not only learning the actual idiomatic expressions and how to use them, but also how to explain things in Korean naturally and fluently, by studying with the transcripts and translations. 

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