[E-book] Hyojin's Audiobook (mp3 + e-book)


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About this Product

Hyojin’s Audiobook  (안효진의 오디오북)
Hyojin An: the quirky and adorable football (soccer)-enthusiast. This young lady, who also happens to be a teacher over at TalkToMeInKorean.com, shares 5 stories about herself and her life with you in her audiobook. With this great study aid, you get an MP3 of Hyojin reading her stories, a sentence-by-sentence breakdown, grammar points, and a full Korean transcript of the audio. You also get the added bonus of learning more about Hyojin An!

Sample audio :

Inside this audiobook you will find:
Story 1 – Soccer
Story 2 – University Life
Story 3 – Teaching Practice
Story 4 – Seattle
Story 5 – Backpacking

The following are some sample images of the PDF :



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