The Restaurant Of The Family That Hates Reading (안읽어 씨 가족과 책 요리점)


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This will be a lot of fun for beginner and upper-beginner Korean learners to read and study with! The book is based on four characters: the father, whose name is 안읽어 (his family name is 안, a common Korean last name, but his full name is 안읽어 so you can assume he doesn't read), the mother, whose name is 산만해 (meaning: "easily distracted"), the daughter, whose name is 안봄 (meaning: "not seeing" or "not watching") and their dog, 왈왈, which is a common word that describes the sound of a dog barking.

The book has 16 fun stories across 123 pages and is full of funny and cute illustrations to help you imagine the certain situations. 

And that's not it! 


To help you learn better using this book, we've also created our own vocabulary e-book! You can save some time from having to look up every single word or expression you don't know while reading the story. You will be sent a download link automatically when you place an order for a copy of this book. 


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