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Ask yourself these questions: What are your goals in learning Korean? What would you like to achieve by learning to speak Korean? How are you actually studying day by day? 

Sometimes, learning can happen very naturally and subconsciously without you even thinking about it or making concrete plans for it, but there is certainly a limit to how much you can learn by osmosis and through passive exposure. It is similar to trying to get in shape or stay in shape without specific plans. The desired outcome might happen, or might not happen, but it is probably unlikely to happen. You can never guarantee it.  

That is where our study journal comes in to play. 


This is a 100-day study journal that can help you set goals and keep track of your progress. 

First, you can start each day's learning by writing down some learning goals for the day, and then keep a record of how much time you spent on active learning (e.g. studying with a workbook, practicing speaking Korean, etc.) and passive exposure (e.g. watching a drama, listening to a song, etc.).

And as you go along, you can write down some key words and phrases that you learned that day. Or you can simply practice express your thoughts and feelings through written Korean. In case you are not sure what to write about, we give you tips and ideas for that. At the end of each unit, you will see a section where you can rate your learning for that day. 

And a seemingly minor thing but something we think will be very helpful - the pages open and stay open very easily. 

This study journal is a limited edition, so once they are all gone, they are gone! So be sure to get your copy soon if you want to see how much difference keeping a study journal can make in your learning! 

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