Situational Dialogues In Korean [E-book]


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Can you walk into a phone shop and talk to the seller in Korean? Can you ask for the Wi-Fi password in a coffee shop, or call a restaurant once again to check how much longer your delivery will take? 

Once you have learned some basics of the Korean language like how to introduce yourself, how to count, or how to talk about some simple day-to-day events, you need more specific example dialogues so that you can prepare for future real-life conversations.  

You can also use this e-book along with our other e-books, Real-Life Conversations [Beginner Level] and Real-Life Conversations [Intermediate Level]

How will this e-book help you? 

The e-book has 68 specific dialogues (in 5 major categories: food, transportation, shopping, daily life, health and 17 sub-categories) that can help you prepare for travel or everyday life situations. Each dialogue has the Korean transcript, an English translation, a vocabulary list and some study notes. You can also listen to each dialogue recorded at natural speed by native speakers. 

[ Listen to a sample dialogue here ]

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