Real-Life Conversations (E-book)


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Learn Korean through natural conversations in 40 different situations!

These e-book includes more than 40 natural conversations each that you can really expect to hear in real-life situations in Korea. You can choose between the Intermediate level or the Beginner level. 

Please note that the contents of this e-book are not identical to the published paper book of the same title. The book is based on this e-book, but there are more contents that have been added in the process of the publication. 

Audio Speed 

In the Intermediate Level version, each dialogue was written in a way that Korean native speakers actually speak, and was read for you at a natural speed. And in the Beginner Level version, each dialogue was also written in a natural way, except it was read for you at about 70-80% of the normal speed. 

To make it more convenient for you to study, we have audio tracks that are divided both into chunks and into individual conversations.

< Listen to a sample conversation for the Intermediate Level > 

Here are the 40 topics/situations introduced in this e-book (with more than 220 pages).   

< Listen to a sample conversation for the Beginner Level > 

Here are the 40 topics/situations introduced in this e-book (with more than 170 pages).   

You can listen to each dialogue in audio and compare with the transcript to see how well you understood.

Some important expressions or hard-to-translate ones are introduced in the Key Expressions box, and you can check the English translation to see how well you understood the meaning of every sentences. 

And at the end of every conversation, you have a few translation exercises for review.


You can also take a closer look inside these e-books through this video!

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