Kyeong-eun Choi's Audiobook (E-book)


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These audiobooks were written and recorded by Kyeong-eun Choi, one of the teachers and podcast hosts at She was born and raised here in Seoul, Korea, and she shares her interesting experiences and thoughts with the listeners through these audiobooks.

We are happy to announce that Volume 3 has recently been published! Volume 3 has her stories about her thoughts and experiences as a new mom.

There are 3 volumes that you can listen to. Volume 1 and 2 contain five stories each, and Volume 3 has 10 stories. You can also get a discount if you get both Volume 1 and Volume 2. Listen to her stories where she shares her various experiences and thoughts in naturally spoken Korean!

Choose which volume you want to study with from the dropdown menu above.

Volume 3 (10 Stories)

Story 1 - Driving Makes Me Nervous
Story 2 - Lessons From Being a Mom
Story 3 - I Was a Shy Child
Story 4 - Perks of Having a Large Family
Story 5 - My Longtime Friend
Story 6 - I Really Don't Enjoy Shopping
Story 7 - Beginner Mother
Story 8 - Letter To My Future 20-Year Old Daughter
Story 9 - Things I Want To Change About Myself
Story 10 - If I could go back to the past


Volume 2 (5 Stories)

Story 1 – Korean girls are always on a diet
Story 2 – Korean boys vs. Korean boys in dramas
Story 3 – Only people of the same age can be friends?
Story 4 – Pet lovers in Korea
Story 5 – What if I could go on a month-long vacation?

Volume 1 (5 Stories)

Story 1 – Traveling
Story 2 – Friends
Story 3 – Workplace Culture in Korea
Story 4 – Internet Meet-ups
Story 5 – Volunteering


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