Fan Letter Recipes (How to write fan mail in Korean)


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Have you ever written a message to your favorite Korean singers or actors? Writing your message in Korean will certainly make it easier for them to understand your message. And you don't have to be fluent in Korean to be able to write some good fan mail!

This e-book, "Fan Letter Recipes" was designed to help you create messages or letters in Korean, by combining the necessary components of fan mail. 

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(135 pages + 32 minutes of audio)

This e-book will teach you how to say: 

Greetings & Self-introduction
- How are you?
- My name is [ … ].
- I've liked you ever since I listened to your song [ … ].
- I'm a big fan of yours!
- I have been a fan of yours since you debuted.
- We have met before!

Saying thank you
- Thank you for your hard work.
- You have changed my life.
- You saved me.
- Thank you for being kind to your fans.
- Thank you for everything.

- You have many fans here.
- Your works are the best.
- You are so attractive.
- You are a good dancer.
- You are good looking.
- Your acting is awesome.
- You have a nice voice.

Showing support
- I wish you success.
- I'm always on your side.
- You are the best.
- Way to go!
- I am proud of you.

Congratulatory messages
- Happy birthday!
- Happy anniversary!
- Congratulations!

Expressing concerns
- Stay healthy.
- Don't work too hard.
- Ignore haters.
- Always take care.

Wishes & requests
- Come to my country.
- I want to meet you.
- I will see you in Korea.

Closing statement
- Don't forget us.
- Show me your face.
- Be happy.
- Smile!
- Love you!
- I will write to you again.
- Have a good day.
- Bye!

The e-book also contains a lot of useful information regarding how to address people, what each country is called in Korean, etc. 

Toward the end, we have two full-length sample letters that you can actually write just by combining all the phrases that are introduced through the e-book!  

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