Blonote (Korean Edition + English Edition Set) + 1CD by TABLO From Epik High (블로노트 by 타블로)


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About This Book

We have received a lot of requests from our students to make BLONOTE available on our store, so here you go! BLONOTE is a beautifully written book by Tablo where he shares his thoughts about various everyday situations that we can all relate to. 

This set contains both the Korean version and the English version of the book, as well as an audio CD (in English only) that contains recordings by the author himself. For people who order this book from MyKoreanStore only, we are also offering an accompanying vocabulary e-book that indexes the essential vocabulary words that are used throughout the book.

Please also note that the book is paperback.


Once you order the set, you will be receiving the two books and one CD in the mail (usually takes 2-3 weeks via regular mail and 3-5 days via express shipping), and you will receive the vocabulary e-book immediately via e-mail.

This is a legally provided product through an official collaboration with the publisher of this book by Tablo. We recommend this book to Korean learners who are looking for good reading material, and it's a really great book to read! We hope you enjoy the book!

If you already have Blonote, you can still get the vocab e-book for free by choosing the second option in the dropdown menu above : )  

Pages: 504(252+252) pages

Weight: 695g 

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