[E-book] TalkToMeInKorean Level 2 Compilation


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About this Product

TalkToMeInKorean publishes two regular audio lessons per week, each accompanied by a PDF lesson notes file. This TTMIK Grammar E-books have all the mp3 audio files from Level 2 as well as a consolidated PDF file that has all the lessons, from 1 to 30, with a new design. 

You can still download all these lessons for free from TalkToMeInKorean.com, but if you would like to have all your files for Level 1 in one place and be able to easily burn them on a CD or DVD, you will find this bulk download useful. 

Please note that the contents of this e-book are not identical to the published paper books for the same level.  

Table of Content 

Lesson 1. future tense
Lesson 2. object marking particles -을/를
Lesson 3. and, therefore, so
Lesson 4. and, with
Lesson 5. days of the week
Lesson 6. but, however 
Lesson 7. "to" someone, "from" someone
Lesson 8. telling the time
Lesson 9. counters (개, 명) 
Lesson 10. present progressive
Lesson 11. self-introduction 
Lesson 12. What date is it? 
Lesson 13. too, also - part 1 
Lesson 14. too, also - part 2
Lesson 16. very, a bit, really, not really, not at all
Lesson 17. can ,cannot
Lesson 18. to be good/poor at ~
Lesson 19. making verbs into nouns 
Lesson 20. have to, should, must
Lesson 21. more ~ than ~
Lesson 22. to like (좋다 vs 좋아하다)
Lesson 23. if, in case
Lesson 24. still, already
Lesson 25. something, someday, someone, somewhere
Lesson 26. imperative
Lesson 27. Do it for me.
Lesson 28. - (으)로 (method, way)
Lesson 29. more / all
Lesson 30. Don't do it. 

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