Talk To Me In Korean Winter Sale (Up to 15% OFF)

The winter sale will go on from November 25 through December 8, 2016

If you are not sure which book you want to get, check out our book selection guide page.

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december20 (10% off for orders over $20 USD)

december50 (15% off for orders over $50 USD)

If you get a book during this sale period, you will also receive two TTMIK limited-edition New Year's cards! Only the first 600 people to place an order will receive these cards, so be sure to hurry up!  


And for those of you who are new to our books, here's a brief rundown of the textbooks we have published so far. No matter what your level of Korean is, you will find something that can help you speak even better Korean.

  • Hangeul Master (in English | in Spanish): Learn how to read and write Korean within a few hours, and also learn to decipher Korean handwriting.
  • Grammar Textbooks: Learn to speak Korean through systematic lessons that teach you everything from foundational knowledge to more advanced sentence structures. 
  • The Korean Verbs Guide: Learn how Korean verbs work through 100 most commonly used verbs and hundreds of related words and useful sample sentences.
  • My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (Book 1 & Book 2): Don't just memorize individual words, but also learn how they are used in actual sentences that Koreans use on a daily basis.
  • Survival Korean: Perfect linguistic guide for people who want to live and/or travel in South Korea.
  • Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions: You can't understand 100% of what Korean speakers say without understanding these fundamental idiomatic expressions! Learn with fun illustrations.
  • Korean Slang Expressions: You can learn cool & fun phrases that young Korean speakers use when they talk to their friends.
  • My Daily Routine In Korean: Learn to describe everyday actions in Korean through this fun and portable picture dictionary.
  • News In Korean: Great reading material for advanced learners. 
  • Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns: This book will help you answer any questions in Korean! 

Thank you and happy learning!


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