2-Week Chuseok Sale Discount Coupons

We are having a 2-week sale to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival!

The Chuseok sale will go on from September 5 through September 20, 2016

If you are not sure which book you want to get, watch our comprehensive introduction video of our books.

Use one of these coupon codes : ) 

chuseok20 (10% off for orders over $20 USD)

chuseok50 (15% off for orders over $50 USD)

If you get a book during this sale period, you will also receive two TTMIK limited-edition bookmarks! (Sorry! All 1,000 bookmarks have already been sent out!) 

And for those of you who are new to our books, here's a brief rundown of the textbooks we have published so far. No matter what your level of Korean is, you will find something that can help you speak even better Korean.

  • Hangeul Master (in English | in Spanish): Learn how to read and write Korean within a few hours, and also learn to decipher Korean handwriting.
  • Grammar Textbooks: Learn to speak Korean through systematic lessons that teach you everything from foundational knowledge to more advanced sentence structures. 
  • The Korean Verbs Guide: Learn how Korean verbs work through 100 most commonly used verbs and hundreds of related words and useful sample sentences.
  • My Weekly Korean Vocabulary (Book 1 & Book 2): Don't just memorize individual words, but also learn how they are used in actual sentences that Koreans use on a daily basis.
  • Survival Korean: Perfect linguistic guide for people who want to live and/or travel in South Korea.
  • Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions: You can't understand 100% of what Korean speakers say without understanding these fundamental idiomatic expressions! Learn with fun illustrations.
  • Korean Slang Expressions: You can learn cool & fun phrases that young Korean speakers use when they talk to their friends.
  • My Daily Routine In Korean: Learn to describe everyday actions in Korean through this fun and portable picture dictionary.
  • News In Korean: Great reading material for advanced learners. 
  • Korean Q&A Sentence Patterns: This book will help you answer any questions in Korean! 

Thank you and happy learning!


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